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Hold up AROD, Selig Can Ban You If You Appeal Suspension 75

Selig raising his hands to “slow down”. Credit: Richard Drew/AP/NY Daily News

Remember that possible impending suspension for AROD that Reading Between the Seams reported on Sunday? Well it appears that MLB Commissioner Bud Selig has every intention of making it stick, for good.

The New York Daily News reported earlier tonight that there is a special power of the Commissioner in the current collective bargaining agreement between the MLBPA and the owners (represented by Commissioner Selig) that allows for taking disciplinary action against a player in order to “preserve the integrity of the game”.

Article XI, Section A1b of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, if invoked, would allow Selig to suspend Alex Rodriguez without giving him the benefit of the appeals process that is outlined in the joint drug program used by MLB and the Players’ Association.

It is likely that this rarely used power of the Commissioner will be used only if Rodriguez attempts to appeal the likely imminent suspension for his connection to the Biogenesis Anti-Aging clinic. And according to ESPN, appeal is exactly what “Team AROD” plans to do.

It seems that Alex Rodriguez has two choices in this matter, accept the suspension that he is given, or accept that there is a decent chance that he never plays professional baseball in the United States (or Toronto) again.

AROD LOVES the spotlight, and he’s about to be in it for awhile. Hold on tight everyone, this could be interesting, and it may take awhile…

Nicholas Persichilli
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