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VIDEO: Ichiro gets his 4000th hit! 63

(Photo: Ron Antonelli, Getty Images)

(Photo: Ron Antonelli, Getty Images)

Ichiro gets his 4,000 career professional hit in style as he slaps a one out line drive to left field for a base hit.  His 4,000 hit comes off of Toronto Blue Jays pitcher, R.A. Dickey in the first inning at Yankee Stadium.  As expected, Ichiro received a standing ovation from the Yankee crowd he becomes the third person in history to collect 4,000 hits.  Only Pete Rose (4,256) and Ty Cobb (4,189) have hit more.

Ichiro spent his first seven seasons in the Japanese Pacific League,where he collected 1,278 hits and since he has come to Major League Baseball, he has 2,722 major league hits.   Take a look:

Having come across the Pacific in 2001, Ichiro’s MLB total trails only Yankees teammates Derek Jeter (3,308) and Alex Rodriguez (2,917) in active players with hits.  If he can hang on for a couple more seasons and get 257 more hits, he would exceed Pete Rose in all time hits as well as position himself near 3000 for just the American MLB.  He is signed through next year, but would need at least until early 2015 barring a crazy hot season.

Ichiro will turn 40 in late October and its unknown how much longer he will continue to play; but it is very possible that you will see his name above the legendary Ty Cobb and Pete Rose when it his career is over.

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