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Jayson Werth disses Braves, claims Phillies are main Nats challenge 76

Things should be interesting in the NL East this year, but Washington Nationals OF Jayson Werth may have thrown the first volley in what could be season-long trash talking, war of words.  Many people will recall the days when the Atlanta Braves were rivals with the New York Mets rivalry in the last 1990’s and early 2000’s (think Mets fans chanting “Lar-ry” at Chipper Jones at Shea and John Rocker crowd-inciting antics).  Perhaps the Nationals will replace the hapless Mets in that regard.

Back to the comments at hand, according to , Nationals beat writer for the Washington Post Tweeted:

Within the article:

Jayson Werth was asked if considered the Braves or Philadelphia Phillies a bigger threat. Werth, the former Phillie, did not hesitate.

“Phillies,” he said. “I think everybody is writing them off. They played good in September, when they were healthy. They’re not going to roll over, that’s for sure.”

And about the Braves? “Yeah, the Braves got the Upton brothers,” Werth said. “But they lost [Martin] Prado and Chipper.”

Many prognosticators are calling for the Braves to win the East, including our NL East preview.  Ryan Zimmerman piled on Werth’s comments:

“Atlanta went out and got some people, but I think they also lost some people, too,” third baseman Ryan Zimmerman said. “Everyone talks about how much better their lineup got. It didn’t get worse. But anytime you lose a guy like Michael Bourn and Martin Prado and Chipper Jones, it’s pretty hard to compensate for those three guys. By no means am I saying their lineup is not good or they won’t have a good team. But I think they almost replaced, which they had to do. They went out and made some noise.”

Let’s just say that this article “just might” end up on the bulletin board in Atlanta come opening day?  The Braves first travel to Washington for a weekend series on April 12, then the Nats come to town later in the month on April 29 for a weekday series.  Should be a little edge on both the teams!

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