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Jose Reyes injures left ankle, carted off field 56

AP Photo/Orlin Wagner

AP Photo/Orlin Wagner

To add to their extremely slow start, it seems that the Toronto Blue Jays have been dealt another blow. Jose Reyes, one of the teams key pick-ups this off season is reportedly going to miss at least a month with an ankle sprain. Here is some additional information, according to the AP (via ESPN)

The speedy Reyes was attempting to steal second and made a late slide just a couple steps from the bag. His left ankle rolled beneath him as he slid awkwardly over second base.  Reyes immediately rolled onto his back and grabbed at his ankle, screaming in pain before pulling the front of his jersey over his face. Trainers from both teams ran out to check on Reyes while a cart was driven onto the infield from the bullpen in right field.

The Blue Jays have been a strong contender for the most disappointing franchise in the 2-week start of Major League Baseball.  They sit at 4-6 in the cellar of the AL East.  This after making strong offseason moves to acquire anyone the Marlins thought had value (Mark Buehrle, Josh Johnson, Jose Reyes) as well as the New York Mets R.A. Dickey, to go with resident sluggers Edwin Encarnacion and Jose Bautista.  They seemed poised to finally resemble the early 1990’s force of free agents like Jack Morris, Joe Carter, Paul Molitor, and Roberto Alomar.  However, Dickey, Johnson, and Buehrle have allowed 30 runs in 27 2/3.

In the rough and tumble AL East, the Jays cannot afford to have Reyes miss any significant period of time.  Of course, his fate appears out of their hands.  Baseball fans that love the tools that Reyes brings to every game, hold their breath.

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