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Minnesota Twins GM diagnosed with curable cancer 55

In a bad news, good news situation, Minnesota Twins General Manager Terry Ryan was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma in a lymph node in his neck, but it is treatable.  Also convenient is his proximity to the world-class Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, for treatment.  According to Rhett Bollinger of, Ryan is upbeat:

“Thankfully, incremental tests indicate the cancer appears to be confined to my neck and has not spread to other regions of my body,” Ryan said in a statement. “At the direction of Dr. Eyunni, I am currently being treated at the Mayo Clinic as well as Minnesota Oncology. I’ve been assured this form of cancer is treatable and remain optimistic about my return to good health in the near future.”

The Minnesota Twins official Twitter feed has the full statement by Ryan:

Ryan will miss Spring Training and his full return to duty is up in the air depending on how his recovery goes. It’s great that it was found early and can be treated, hopefully a full recovery is imminent.

– David Whitlock





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