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Photo: AROD’s “Smoking Gun” (of sorts) in his Lawsuit Against MLB 53


Credit: Charles Cherney/AP Photo

According to ESPN New York’s Andrew Marchand, Alex Rodriguez has amended his lawsuit against Major League Baseball to include two new things:

The first amendment basically sounds like complaining about the fact that Commissioner Bud Selig did not have to testify under oath in Rodriguez’ appeal hearing for his 211 game suspension. The ridiculous part is that Selig has NEVER testified during an appeal hearing since the Joint Drug Agreement was signed in 2002.

According to Marchand Team AROD’s complaint now reads: “Mr. Selig lacked the courage of his convictions to explain under oath the reasons for the suspension and the conduct of the investigation.”

The second, and much more hilarious addition to the amended lawsuit is this picture from the 2009 MLB FanFest, which is the “smoking gun”, proving Selig’s witch hunt:


Credit: Wallace Matthews, ESPN New York

According to Rodriguez’ lawyers, Selig’s smiling face alongside this young Reds fan wearing that “A-Roid” t-shirt proves that the Commissioner is out to get AROD.

Marchand reports that this caption: “Sadly, this cowardly stance by Mr. Selig is consistent with his past and highly inappropriate conduct in posing, smilingly, with a young fan wearing a T-shirt with a derogatory message directed at Mr. Rodriguez,” is listed in the amended complaint along with the above picture.

I don’t know how this will help Alex’s case, but I sure got a kick out of it!

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