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Roy Halladay trolls Jamie Moyer at Phillies “80’s” party 82

For those of us who have been alive for 30 or more years, many remember 1986 fondly.  The country was in relative peace with a popular president in Ronald Reagan.  Pop stars like Cyndi Lauper, Madonna, and Michael Jackson were ushering in a new era of rebellion for youngsters (just wait until the 90’s).  And Jamie Moyer was a heralded rookie for the Chicago Cubs.  The latter fact was not lost upon the recently retired Roy Halladay, who dressed as the 1986 Jamie Moyer at a 1980’s themed party, check out a tweet from Moyer himself.

Where do you even find such a relic?  That would be Mrs. Karen Moyer with the heart fingers.  She also hung out with Run DMC (Howard and Rollins).

The Phillies may not have been winning lately, but they know how to throw a fun 80’s party!

H/T Matt Snyder and CBS Eye on Baseball & and USA Today “For the Win”

– David Whitlock

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