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VIDEO: Ryan Braun faces media for first time since suspension 60

Fresh off a 65-game suspension to end his 2013 campaign, Ryan Braun faced the media on Sunday and vowed that he would be “better than I’ve ever been.” Check out his interview (via, the media asked some pointed questions in a relatively uncontrolled environment (not team rep, no agent):

Ryan Braun won the 2011 MVP and successfully fought a potential PED suspension associated with that season, but, after being associated with the Biogenesis Clinic scandal, negotiated a suspension for most of the second half of last season in exchange for a clean slate going into 2014.  Overall, Braun seemed upbeat, having been married this offseason, he seems to be in a good place and moving forward.  I’m sure the fans and media will continue to pepper him with questions like this for the next season and beyond, but if he keeps his composure, they’ll get tired of hearing his straight forward responses.  A few more tidbits from the interview above:

On being asked if fans have been tough on him:

He had only one “challenging conversation” with a fan while calling around to apologize to season seatholders last year.  “Aside from that, literally everybody else has been extremely supportive,” Braun said.

On his plan for handling the scrutiny.

“There’s no blueprint,” Braun said. “There’s no specific, ‘This is how you deal with a situation like this.’ Not a lot of people have been through something like this, so, certainly, [this is] a unique and challenging set of circumstances. But I’ve never been afraid of a challenge. I’m looking forward to everything the future holds.”

On what he owes the fans

“I don’t know if I could ever apologize enough for what occurred”

Here’s hoping that he learned from his mistakes and relies on his God-given ability to perform, instead of seeking help in a pill or bottle.

– David Whitlock

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