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San Francisco Giants to host “Metallica Night” with inflatable guitar giveaway 73

As the crescendo of fan excitement builds before Major League Baseball’s Opening Day (at least on this continent), fans can’t wait to size up their team for the 2014 campaign.  Fans also can’t wait for the weather to get warm, to enjoy culinary delights, and take in all those fun promotional giveaways.  The San Francisco Giants are one of the best in the business in promotion awesomeness, holding “Metallica Night” on May 16th for the second straight season.  Yes, the band will be on hand, and yes the fans will get guitars (inflatable), but with real collectable guitar picks.



Beats last year’s hat.  Metallica is no stranger to the baseball, having also recognizing New York Yankees closer Mariano Rivera during the final month of his last season in 2013.  The connection, of course, being Mo’s familiar use of Metallica’s  “Enter Sandman” (like the 2013 All Star game) as his entry music.


Although originally from Los Angeles, the band is all about the Giants (via


At the 2013 Metallica Night


Metallica’s Lars Ulrich and James Hetfield rocking with the Commissioner’s Trophies

– David Whitlock

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