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Todd Helton thanks Colorado Rockies fans with full page ad in Denver Post 54

While Mariano Rivera’s retirement has certainly been the most media-focused story of the week, Colorado Rockies Todd Helton quietly bowed out of his playing days in Colorado.  The 5-time All-Star, who spent his entire career in Colorado, finished with 2519 hits, 369 RBI, .316 AVG, and a .414 OBP (higher than a certain Miguel Cabrera to date, if you’re keeping score at home).  The always classy (and fan favorite) Helton thanked Denver fans with a full page ad in the Denver Post (credit Hugo_Hackenbush/

Helton bows out with class (Credit:

Helton bows out with class

The full text:

Dear Fans,

I want to thank you.  For every ticket you bought, for every cheer you led, every rain delay you weathered, every sign you held, every rally cap you sported.

Thank you for welcoming me out of the shadow of the “Big Cat” and inspiring me to give every pitch, every pick, all I had. You inspired me to try harder, play through the pain, and weather the dry spells.

Today I give you the curtain call.  I offer my sincerest gratitude for your support over these 17 years.

– Todd Helton

Colorado Rockies, 1997 – 2013

This blog wishes Todd Helton a happy retirement, and thanks him for representing the game with class and dignity.

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