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Toronto PD “Can Almost Forgive” Man Who Charged Field During Jays’ Game 51

Joseph Blackspace is subdued after running onto the field at Rogers Centre in Toronto during a Blue Jays/Mariners game on 5/5/13.
Credit: The Score

We’ve all seen people charging the field at major sporting events. And we all know that there is a very good chance that the people that do it have enjoyed a few too many adult beverages, or maybe they just really like themselves, and want thousands of people to notice them.

In either case, it’s annoying. It slows down the game, and it only leads to trouble for the person doing the encroaching, and it’s usually more than football’s standard 5 yard penalty.

In the case of Joseph Blackspace, who ran onto the field during a game in Toronto on May 5, 2013, as the Blue Jays hosted the Seattle Mariners, the police were actually on his side! The police report claims that “one can almost forgive the accused” because his actions were “an attempt inject some kind of a spark into the listless Jays”.

The officer even states: “Luckily, the accused ran onto the field from level 100 and wasn’t forced to jump from the 500 level out of sheer frustration.” He was disappointed upset with the Blue Jays quality of play early in the year, and if you look at their current last place standing in the American League East, and their 62-75 record, he probably hasn’t had much reason to feel any better since May.

Check out this photo of Blackspace’s arrest report:

Police report from the incident on 5/5/13, where Blackspace entered the field of play during a game in Toronto’s Rogers Center.
Credit: The Score

The Assistant Crown Attorney (similar to a District Attorney in the US) responded to a letter from Blackspace’s defense attorney that portrayed Blackspace as a “tragic figure” using quotes from William Shakespeare to get his points across.

The ACA compares the Blackspace situation to one of the main themes from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, “Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune or to take arms against a sea of troubles and by opposing end them”.

He also states that despite the fact that Old Willy Shakespeare may have agreed with Blackspace’s actions, as he was trying to “fight against the unrelenting losses of a cringe-worthy baseball club”, but “criminal law is firmly planted on the suffering the slings and arrows camp”. But as this was Blackspace’s “first foray into the criminal world, diversion is agreeable.”

The ACA suggested a few ways that Joseph Blackspace can make amends for his actions, including coaching baseball, or hockey, because it is Canada afterall.

Here is the Assistant Crown Attorney’s Letter:

Toronto Assistant Crown Attorney responds to Joseph Blackspace’s attorney’s letter.
Credit: The Score

Blackspace made a $1,000 donation to Toronto’s Jays Care Foundation in an attempt to make his amends. Here is a picture of the receipt:

Joseph Blackspace donates $1,000 to Jays Care Foundation

Even though it seems that Toronto Police and Crown Attorneys were somewhat lenient in this case, I don’t think that that would be the case in every city who has a struggling team. I certainly wouldn’t want to rush the field at an Astros game, Texans are heavily armed…

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