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Vernon Wells Throws Out Moss At Home To Extend Game 86

Extra innings again?  Its becoming a regular ordeal now, but I’m not just talking one or two more innings.  Lately we have seen games go beyond 15 innings.  In fact last week some fans witnessed teams playing a 2 for 1 (18innings).  It’s insane that a baseball game last three hours; but what about situations when it reaches five hour!  Hmmm, why aren’t they selling anymore beer?  Or why am I still watching this game?  Heck, if rooting for the away team to score the winning run helps end this marathon, I’m on board!

Right now in Oakland, the A’s are in a battle with the New York Yankees. As of this moment both teams are in the 18th inning tied at two. Things could have been a little different if it wasn’t for the play by Vernon Wells.  In the bottom of 15th inning, Wells threw out Brandon Moss at the plate. It was a perfect strike to home plate; but look at the incredible play by catcher Chris Stewart as he holds on to the ball after colliding with Brandon Moss at home.
Take a look:

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Major League Baseball will have to figure out something to minimize extra inning play. The bullpen are getting taxed severely and eventually players will become ineffective and possibly injured.  I suggest a home run derby if the game isn’t decided by the 10th inning. Oh by the way Oakland just won 3-2 in 18 innings!

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