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VIDEO: Martin Shows Cannon To Get Escobar in AL Wild Card Battle 73

Texas Rangers Visit The Tampa Bay Rays (Photo Credit CVENT)

The Texas Rangers have not looked very good in their last few series. They’re currently tied with the Tampa Bay Rays for the first (and second) Wild Card spot in the American League with a record of 81-67, but they’ve lost nine of ten and six in a row…

It was so bad, that it was beginning to look like they were giving up on the season. Leonys Martin got two birds stoned at once tonight as he showed the baseball world that he still wants to win, and that he has a cannon for an arm. You should probably not run on him, just sayin’.

In case you weren’t watching the game, I’ll set it up for you: Yunel Escobar was on second base with 1 out, a 1-0 lead, and Ben Zobrist at the plate with a full count. Zobrist took the payoff pitch up the middle and Escobar was waived home, in hindsight, a poor decision, as a great throw gets him at the plate. Props to A.J. Pierzinski on a great tag on this play as well.

Check out the play for yourself, courtesy of

I know that it’s football season, and I love football just as much as the next guy, but baseball is getting pretty darn fun. The American League Wild Card race looks like it will be going down to the wire. I for one will be taking full advantage of picture in picture on Thursdays, Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays. Check out the standings as of 9:00PM EDT on September 16 to see why:

AL Wild Card Standings (As of 9/16/13) Courtesy of

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