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Watch: Routine fly ball ends up costing the Red Sox the game. 74



How hard is it to catch a routine fly ball at the Major League level? The first thing you need to do is track the ball and get underneath it. Wait until the ball comes down and catch it, preferably with two hands and squeeze the glove. Seems easy enough, and if you are at the big league level it should be routine.

Well, not in the case of Boston Red Sox right-fielder Daniel Nava, who had a costly error in the bottom of the eighth inning of a 4-4 tie. Nava looked to have caught a Avisail Garcia fly ball on the warning track but didn’t seem to secured the ball in the eyes of the umpire when he dropped it on the transfer to his throwing hand. Garcia did the right thing and continued to run stretching a once caught ball for an out to a two base error. Red Sox manager John Farrell was ejected, and he had a legitimate gripe, it was a catch; but Nava shouldn’t have been careless.

Take a look:

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Needless to say, Detroit manufactured a run off the Nava error. A sacrifice got Avisail to third and a sac-fly gave the Tigers a 5-4 lead. Tigers also scored two more runs in that inning and went on to beat Boston 7-5.

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