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Bobby Knight flies off the handle while calling Indiana game

  • Jim Racalto

Former Indiana basketball coach Bobby Knight has a rich history of being a legend among the elite coaching ranks. He also has a rich history of being a borderline nutcase. Among other things, Knight has put his hands on players numerous times and bench chairs are deathly afraid of him. Well, Knight now has a job as an ESPN analyst calling college ball games, so it was only a matter of time before Knight found himself in the booth during an Indiana game. He did not disappoint.

What looked like just another routine easy win for the pre-season #1 Hoosiers over Georgia turned into another unfiltered Bobby Knight moment when he threatened to shoot one of Georgia’s player if he took another three point shot. 

Knight said:

 “I’m not sure there’s anything I like less in basketball than one pass and a 3-point shot.”

Okay, no big deal right? Then, Georgia forward Nemanja Djuricic took a three pointer that he probably shouldn’t have, and that pissed Bobby off:

“The next time I saw Djuricic taking a three I think I would’ve shot him before he got the shot off.”

This led to an uncomfortable silence in the booth for a few moments after the comment. Personally I think Knight is entertaining, but I am curious to see if ESPN takes any disciplinary action against Knight considering his history of not giving a sh*t.

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    • Thomas, what did Jim do that was so bad? The article was linked, it’s not like he was “first on the scene” calm down bud, it’s not like he said anything out of the norm, or hasn’t been associated with Bobby Knight! LOL…Thanks for the laugh though

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