Bobby Knight flies off the handle while calling Indiana game

  • Jim Racalto

Former Indiana basketball coach Bobby Knight has a rich history of being a legend among the elite coaching ranks. He also has a rich history of being a borderline nutcase. Among other things, Knight has put his hands on players numerous times and bench chairs are deathly afraid of him. Well, Knight now has a job as an ESPN analyst calling college ball games, so it was only a matter of time before Knight found himself in the booth during an Indiana game. He did not disappoint.

What looked like just another routine easy win for the pre-season #1 Hoosiers over Georgia turned into another unfiltered Bobby Knight moment when he threatened to shoot one of Georgia’s player if he took another three point shot. 

Knight said:

 “I’m not sure there’s anything I like less in basketball than one pass and a 3-point shot.”

Okay, no big deal right? Then, Georgia forward Nemanja Djuricic took a three pointer that he probably shouldn’t have, and that pissed Bobby off:

“The next time I saw Djuricic taking a three I think I would’ve shot him before he got the shot off.”

This led to an uncomfortable silence in the booth for a few moments after the comment. Personally I think Knight is entertaining, but I am curious to see if ESPN takes any disciplinary action against Knight considering his history of not giving a sh*t.

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