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BREAKING: Alex Rodriguez injected with PEDs

  • Jason Whitney

Alex Rodriguez according to reports was personally injected with PEDs

According to reports from ESPN, Anthony Bosch who ran Biogenesis of America clinic in Coral Gables, South Florida not only supplied several baseball players with PEDs, he directly injected Yankees’ slugger, Alex Rodriguez. Several reports are claiming Bosch has been very open about his relationship with A-Rod.

Apparently, Bosch would receive late night texts from A-Rod to come to his waterfront mansion on Biscayne Bay, through the gate on North Bay Road. Then he would inject performance-enhancing drugs into Alex Rodriguez. In addition, A-Rod agreed to pay $12,000 a month for another four years to receive performance-enhancing drugs, according to the Miami New Times

According to T.J. Quinn of ESPN:



Reports also indicate that Bosch was kicked out of A-Rod’s house last spring after he botched an injection which left Rodriguez bleeding.

The visits took place every few weeks. One night last spring, a source said, Bosch told associates he had been kicked out of Rodriguez’s home after he had trouble locating a vein, infuriating the player. The sources did not say why Bosch would have been tapping a vein, as HGH and testosterone do not require intravenous injections. But whatever he was doing, “Tony said A-Rod was pissed at him,” a source said. “He said he was bleeding everywhere.”

Tim Elfrink, who is the managing editor at the Miami New Times, posted on Twitter the files of Tony Bosch.


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