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Breaking News: Terrell Owens owes $20,000 in child support; mother wants him jailed.

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Oh how the mighty have fallen. Reports from the AJC have stated that the former All-Pro receiver has owned the mother of one of his children over $20,000 in back pay on child support. Melanie Paige Smith has asked that judge that Owen be fined, and possibly, even jailed. “He has not indicated if he ever plans to send another penny for their daughter,” Smith’s attorney, Randall Kessler, said in a letter to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

This past month has been the celebration of past athletes who have had financial issues. First Allen Iverson. Now the  continuing story that T.O. is not doing his duty in supporting his child. Once again, any chance of Owens returning back to the league continue to slim with this story coming out.

But this is more of a lesson to the young athletes in sports. Save your money. You will thank your self when you are 40 and have tons of money left over from your playing days. A.I. and Owens failed to do so. Now they are both in a bind financially. Hopefully this story concludes with a happy ending and Owens does the right thing by his child.

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