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Brian Urlacher: Bears faked injuries

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Especially since the boom of the up-tempo offense, mastered by the New England Patriots, there has been a growing need for innovative ways to slow a dynamic offense down. One controversial solution is for defenses to fake injuries in order to halt momentum and stop play on the field. You would be hard-pressed to find any defensive coordinator willing to admit to this course of action, but newly retired linebacker Brian Urlacher says his former team, the Chicago Bears, had a “designated dive guy”

Urlacher made the comments during his new gig on Fox Sports 1’s “Fox Football Daily,” and while he refused to name the coach endorsing this method. However, Urlacher would later slightly contradict himself by saying the technique “wasn’t coached,” but that “it was part of the gameplan.”

The notion shouldn’t come as a surprise, and unless the league institutes some sort of anti-flopping policy like the NBA, you shouldn’t expect this to stop anytime soon. Some may see it as a form of cheating, but its hard to argue when there is no strict policy in place to prohibit it.

Maybe Shane Battier has a chance in the NFL after all of his NBA flopping days pass him by!

By: Frank Santos- Sports-Kings Co-Founder

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