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Broncos’ Von Miller to start major poultry operation

  • Jason Whitney

Von Miller bought 38 chickens in hopes of starting a major poultry operation

Denver Broncos’ stud linebacker, Von Miller is pursing his dream. No, not the dream where he’s tackling running backs or sacking the quarterback, but a dream that  involves raising chickens. Yes, you read that right, chickens. The third-year linebacker and two-time Pro Bowler invested in 38 chickens to raise on his property near Dallas in hopes of someday turning it into a major poultry operation.

Via USA Today:

The Denver Broncos’ third-year linebacker, a two-time Pro Bowler, bought 38 chickens to raise on his eight-acre property near Dallas as he begins what he hopes will one day be a major poultry operation.

“Hopefully I’ll have some chicken tenders for you guys,” Miller said.

Miller majored in poultry science at Texas A&M, where he learned about the science of raising chickens and also the business side of the poultry industry.

“I really wanted to get to the fundamentals, getting back to raising chicks,” Miller said. “I raised chicks in college in class and stuff. Now it’s a project for me to do it on my own, and see where I go with it. I’m pretty excited about it.”


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