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Browns expect Josh Gordon to miss at least eight games

  • Jim Racalto

(Credit: CBS)

Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon wrapped up his appeal hearing Monday in New York City, and a ruling is expected within one to three weeks. If Gordon wins the appeal, he can carry on like nothing happened. If he loses, he will be suspended from the team and league for a year.

Then there’s the third option.

The Browns are hoping to come to a settlement agreement, in which the two sides would meet halfway, resulting in an eight game suspension for Gordon.


No NFL player has ever won an appeal based on second-hand smoke and that Gordon will be hard-pressed to end up with anything less than the indefinite ban.

But Gordon’s legal team drove home the point that Gordon has tested negative 70 times since his rookie year in 2012 and that he barely tested positive for marijuana this time around.

Of course, Gordon would have to keep his name out of the news during his time away regardless of how long the suspension ends up being. In the meantime, he has been attending practice and trying to get back into a football routine.

While many people only see his name in a negative light, it is worth noting that he has passed those 70 drug tests, and his second-hand smoke claim may be true considering the amount found in his system.

Gordon is a very unique talent, and hopefully this situation is the wake-up call he needs. He is in line for a monster contract from the Browns, or elsewhere, but he has to stay on the field first.

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