Buffalo Bills Wide Receiver Tweets His HIV Results

  • Jason Whitney

Scrolling through David’s twitter feed, I found one thing apparent; he lives up to his last name of Clowney. Alright, lame joke, but the 26-year-old special teams and wide receiver for the Bills announced via twitter he is clean. Ladies, I’m sure you probably didn’t know who he was before the tweet, so no need to jump on the David Clowney groupie wagon now.

Check out the tweet and picture:

8 Responses to Buffalo Bills Wide Receiver Tweets His HIV Results

  • how is this “sports” news?? this is worse than reading about tebow. at least we know who the guy is.

  • complete tool

  • Wow, tonight every sports fan can sleep better
    after reading this news.

  • I think many of you are missing the point. HIV rates among young black men is the highest in the nation. In fact, I feel they believe they are immune to HIV. This is a great public service. It might actually force our young black men to think.

  • All you people who don’t think this is exciting news that you would want to share, have never had an HIV test. It’s a heart wrenching wait for the results and very stressful. When mine was negative I wanted to shout it from the roof tops!

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