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Cam Newton says he’s ready to take accountability

  • Jim Racalto


Heading into his third year in the NFL, scrutinized Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton believes he has something to prove. He’s come under fire from fans and analysts alike for “pouting”, among other things. He now believes it’s time for him to step up, lead his team, and live up to the expectations he set for himself during his rookie season.


“It’s no more excuses on my part,” Newton said. “First year is gone, second year is gone. Now, I’m considered somewhat of a veteran to these guys, you know, so taking accountability on this offense and on this team is big for me, and that’s what I wanted to come back and (have as) one of my staples to get better.”

Those who have come down hard on Newton for his body language when the Panthers are losing, or draping a towel over his head during a tough game seem to rarely talk about his actual development as a quarterback. The Panthers will live or die by how Newton performs, so it’s high time everyone stops looking for any trivial reason to ridicule him and rather they pay attention to what he does on the field.

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