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Cardinals already planning to move on from Larry Fitzgerald?

  • Jim Racalto

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Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald, who is widely regarded as one of the league’s best, had his contract revised for 2014. The revision dropped this year’s cap hit from $18 million to $9 million. However, that move made his 2015 cap hit balloon to over $23 million.

Translation? The Cardinals aren’t going to take that big of a cap hit, and may already be planning for life without Fitz.

Per PFT:

At the Scouting Combine, Cardinals G.M. Steve Keim admitted that, to an outsider, it may appear that Fitzgerald won’t retire with the Cardinals.  For his part, Fitzgerald has said that he’s focused only on 2014

…The Cardinals seem to be already detaching from Fitzgerald, based on a report from veteran NFL writer Dan Pompei.  Based on his visit to camp, Pompei notes that “Michael Floyd is in for a big year,” and that “[s]ome people in camp think he’ll be their No. 1 [receiver].”

While it is good news that it looks like Floyd – the receiver Fitzgerald lobbied for – is going to pan out, the real issue here is money. There’s no question Fitz is as good as it gets, but he will most likely be on the market in 2015, especially if Floyd has the breakout year he is expected to.

Fitzgerald’s cap hit in 2015 is $23.6 million, where Floyd’s doesn’t even reach $6 million over the next two seasons. But Fitz won’t be out of work for long if this scenario plays out. There’s plenty of teams that could use his services, and they’ll pay top dollar for them.


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