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Cavs Owner Gilbert Rips Team, Says Fans “Deserve Better”

  • Santos

The Cleveland Cavaliers have had their ups and downs this season, but are definitely not the embarrassment they were in the first year of the post-LeBron era last year. Tonight was one of those downs, with a terrible 121-84 defeat to the Bucks. Apparently few were more disappointed than always vocal owner Dan Gilbert, who had this to say via twitter:


While I understand Gilbert’s frustration, he has to understand that he has a very young team, and young teams struggle; It is just the way it goes in this league. He has a very promising rookie in Kyrie Irving, who unfortunately left late in the fourth quarter of their aforementioned loss to the Bucks with a shoulder injury, and some other quality young pieces. There is some promise in these Cavs, especially with another lottery pick presumably coming this year in what is widely considered to be a deep draft. How should Gilbert expect his fans to be patient if he cannot do so himself?

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