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Chad Cordero on Mike Trout: I was that guy once

  • Jim Racalto

Once upon a time, current Angels reliever Chad Cordero was one of the most feared relievers in baseball. At age 23 in 2005, Cordero saved 47 games, and was effective the next two seasons as well, saving a combined 65 games.

Seeing Angels fans go nuts over current sensation Mike Trout reminds him of when he had that star status:

“I was that guy once,” Cordero said of Trout. “I was on top of the world. It felt so great to be successful early. What (Trout) was doing last year reminded me of myself.”


(Credit: USA Today)

Since 2008, Cordero has tried two comebacks to no avail. He says his head and heart weren’t in the game for various reasons, but now he’s back in shape and focused.

Via USA Today:

Cordero and his wife, Jamie, lost their 11-week-old baby on Dec. 4, 2010. Tehya died of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Cordero tried to come back to baseball, but it was futile, and he was released the following spring by the Toronto Blue Jays.

“I tried to come back too quick,” Cordero says softly. “My arm wasn’t into it. My head wasn’t into it.”

Cordero, who said he feels like a rookie again, appears to have regained some of what he was lacking in previous comeback attempts. It’s hard not to root for a guy like him, and if he is able to make the team and be productive, this story could be the feel good one of the year.


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