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Chad Johnson tells “brokenhearted” fan to “play Fifa”

  • Andy Flint


Here’s a quick bit of advice. If you’re seeking words of wisdom, or a pick me up via Twitter, please don’t Tweet Chad “OchoCinco” Johnson. Or do, but don’t expect a sympathetic response from the ex-NFL wide receiver. A person, who I am assuming is a fan of Chad’s, Tweeted the former Bengals’ player on Friday morning, expressing his dismay over his girlfriend leaving him. Chad’s response… “Play Fifa”. Obviously referring to the Soccer video game, Fifa, for Xbox 360 or Playstation 3.

Now, I’m not saying that it’s Chad’s responsibility to console this poor soul, but you’d think anything other than telling the heartbroken fella to simply play a video game would have sufficed here. The one thing about being in the public eye is that some people are going to look to you for guidance, and when they do, perhaps shooting them some kind words wouldn’t hurt.

Chad did have a change of heart just seconds later, when he told the same guy to “stay strong”.

Ocho’s first Tweet back to this guy was obviously just a case of Chad being Chad. I’m glad he thought about it and actually took the time to Tweet the guy something else that could have made the difference in his day. Unless Fifa is this man’s particular cup of tea.

The actually goes on to thank Chad and to tell him that if he’s ever in Madrid, he can help him pick up “chicks”.


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