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Chad Ochocinco defends the Gregg Williams audio

  • Justin Arbogast

Earlier this morning, Patriots Wide Receiver Chad Ochocinco aired his mind on Twitter regarding the tapes leaked of Gregg Williams prior to the Saints/49ers Playoff game in which Williams calls out specific players to “test” their injuries and find out about some concussion issues Kyle Williams was having.

Ochocinco was asked by a follower what he thought of the tapes, he replied “Football instincts won’t allow u to purposely hurt anyone regardless of the audio”. That was followed by a series of Tweets that defended the audio, and Gregg Williams saying “Shit is a joke, the Greg Williams audio, child please, come down to the inner city and listen to how football is coached and played as kids.”

He later referenced the documentary Year of the Bull filmed in 2003 at a Miami Northwestern High School, saying the Williams audio was put to shame by the film. The documentary followed a highly recruited player in his senior year of high school that was pounded to the ground both emotionally and physically. A coaching style that is disgusting to watch, where  the coaches literally would slap the players, causing the players to fight back leading to a full on fist-to-cuffs fight that needed third parties to pull the fights apart. The coaches in the documentary were so raged, that they’d scream and downgrade their players to become their puppets, doing everything they wished for them to do regardless if it involved football or not.

How Ochocinco thinks this is merely the same is questionable. Referencing a film in which adult coaches bully players and comparing it to an NFL coach telling his players to go out and take out an ACL or test a previously “healed” concussion.

Ochocinco went on to talk more about the tape saying “his intent was to motivate, not hurt”.

The audio was a clearcut instruction to go out there and hurt the opponents. I can understand striking fear into a guy, and trying to get into thier heads, but to actually target body parts and weak spots of a player, to go out and intentionally hurt him, is absurd.

I’m not sure in how Ochocinco can say that everything was okay, and he didn’t see anything wrong with it, when it has clearly had the NFL world in shock.



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