Charismatic little kid from Houston tells Shaq how it is!

  • Jason Whitney
This young Houston Rockets fan had some words for Shaq!

Ever wonder what Nate Robinson was like at age seven or eight? I think we may have found out. This young lad had some words for Shaquille O’Neal following the Dwight Howard signing in which Shaq called Houston, “A little town.” Well, this didn’t sit well with this young, charismatic Houston Rockets fan.

“Dwight Howard is the best center in the league! Shaq…Shaq…I want to say one thing to you Shaq, ‘Don’t ever disrespect Houston like that again, don’t ever disrespect Houston. H’Town baby, come on!”

We all remember what it was like to root on our favorite teams as a youngster. I’m not sure I was this stoked, but this young kid reminds us what sports are about- energy, passion and having love for the game.


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