Charles Barkley: “Mitt Romney, we’re going to beat you like a drum in November”

Barkley, who has said he’s a Republican has appeared to change his mind. Charles, according to Catalina Camia endorsed President Obama in the 2008 presidential election, and was seen at the Democratic convention in Denver four years ago.

Charles had this to say about Mitt Romney running:

“We’re going to beat you like a drum in November,” said Barkley, now an analyst with TNT. “Don’t take it personally. I like you. You seem like a nice guy … but you’re going down, bro.”

Romney was at the playoff game between the Boston Celtics and the Atlanta Hawks with his wife Ann, was shown in the crowd at the Boston Garden during a broadcast on TNT.

Barkley, who changed up his allegiance from the Republican to Democratic party, is no stranger to political commentary. In December, he bashed the GOP presidential field, calling the potential nominees “idiots” who unfairly criticize President Obama.



  • la10

    Charles, he’s no brother of mines, and he is not a nice guy that, under that fake smile that’s plastered on his face. he will most difnatley plot with the republican congress to bring the middle class and poor people down. i really see romney as really being an evil person, just like his wife!!! Beware AMERICA!!!

  • G More

    Hey Barkley, Please stick to something your good at like wearing dresses and gambling your NBA pension away at the casino. Leave the political stuff alone . It shows just how ignorant your are.

  • James w.Hall Jr.

    Charles Barkley,a Republican ?? now that’s a laugh. But a couple of things he actually is ,A Liar ,A Racist,a bully(proved all three in the Olympics)a man with no country,he certainly is not an American.Go home Barkley ,if you can find it,down around the Gulf of Guinea.

    • Anonymous

      Well spoken, like a true red blooded racists…

    • Anonymous

      Where is your HOOD?

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