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Charles Barkley on Miami Fans: “They’re not real fans, frontrunners”

  • Jason Whitney

Charles Barkley is a never-ending fountain of words. You have to love his candidness when assessing situations and imprinting his personal feelings on topics. So when Barkley was interviewed by Sports Radio Interviews none of this came as a surprise to any of us.

“LeBron James, first of all he has to take some responsibility [for] the way he did the stuff last year leaving Cleveland, the decision, coming on stage talking about not five, not six, seven championships. So he deserves some blame, but like I say, he’s a great kid, he’s a great, great player. … If you look at his résumé right now, the only thing he’s missing is a championship, and he’s gonna get that done [Thursday]. And no telling how many championships they’re going to win. … I wish he had stayed in Cleveland, because those fans in Cleveland, man, they’re fantastic. They don’t even have real fans here in Miami, they’re front-runners.”

The brutally honest Charles Barkley also said he’s ready for vacation and is glad the Heat will win it in five instead of his prediction of six.

“I thought they would win this series in six, but they’re gonna win it in five, so I’m excited to be on vacation for the next five months. I’m ready.”

I seriously could listen to Chuck talk all day.

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3 Responses to Charles Barkley on Miami Fans: “They’re not real fans, frontrunners”

  • Try and say he’s wrong. Florida is the worst Sports Nation in America, and check the attendance records prior to Lebron getting there. No one gives a shit about sports in Florida until they are winning, and even then they still might not care.

  • It is obvious, you have an envy problem with LeBron and the Heat team. You do not have a ring and will NEVER have one. You are truly a crab in the bottom of the bucket trying to pull others down with you. Thank goodness you were FIRED as a WANNABE Commentator. Your lack of the ability to form a LITERATE sentence was guite obvious. Unlike Magic. A TRUE sports hero..

  • Florida is the front-runner state for sports. How about all those Marlin fans that mysteriously arrived after they make the playoffs and go to the World Series?

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