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Charles Barkley once tipped $25,000; calls Jordan/Woods bad tippers

  • Jason Whitney

Funny man Charles Barkley appeared on the Conan show last night and did not disappoint. Barkley talked about football players being idiots, Shaq picking on him and of course, tipping. Conan asked Barkley if he’s ever tipped too much, to which Barkley responded no, but once left a $25,000 tip after winning about $700,000 at a blackjack table.

Conan proceeded by asking Barkley who are the cheapest guys that he’s hung out with. Barkley immediately said Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan. In fact, Barkley said that Jordan slaps his hand whenever he goes to give money to the homeless people on the streets! But Jordan isn’t apparently the only rich cheap guy, Tiger Woods was also called out by Barkley for being cheap.

Check out the entire clip right here:

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