Charles Barkley: Russell Westbrook best equipped to make NBA-to-NFL switch, NBAers more talented than NFLers

  • Arun Morace

Charles Barkley says NBA players are more talented than NFL players

Remember when the NBA lockout was in full swing, and speculation ran rampant as to whether or not LeBron James would try to break into the NFL? Well, according to Charles Barkley, LeBron isn’t even the best candidate in the NBA to make the switch from basketball to NFL football.


According to Sir Charles, in an interview with NFL Network, he says that Russell Westbrook, point guard for the Oklahoma City Thunder, would in fact be best equipped to switch from the NBA to the NFL.

Barkley also added a passing shot at Warren Sapp, saying that NBA players are “more talented than NFL players”. Sapp has yet to respond, but this has the makings of a very interesting beef. Or, wait, sorry, is Barkley allowed near beef since he’s the Weight Watchers spokesman? Who knows. Either way, credit to Barkley for stirring the pot and at least trying to make things interesting during what has been a very boring “lull” in professional sports (lull being that only one of the Big Four sports, baseball, is active right now).

So, readers, we leave it up to you: is Barkley right? Is Russell Westbrook indeed the best player in the NBA capable of switching to the NFL? And are NBA players in fact more talented than NFL players? Sound off in the comments below….

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