Charles Barkley says the Knicks are “Playboy Bunnies”


Charles Barkley said the Knicks are Playboy bunnies

Charles Barkley has been one of the biggest critics regarding the New York Knicks since they have fallen on hard times the last decade. In fact, he’s only made one trip to Madison Square Garden since he retired as a player in 2000. Barkley insists he has no beef with the Knicks. So why wouldn’t he want to watch the Knicks then?

“Cause y’all’s team stunk,” he said. “Why would I go see y’all play? One thing about me is I’m not going to watch the bad teams play.

Barkley then critiqued the Knicks:

“I think they’re a good team, and I think Jason Kidd has had a huge effect on Raymond Felton and J.R. Smith,” Barkley said Tuesday, before Kidd’s latest heroics against the Nets. (Barkley was in Los Angeles taping a celebrity edition of “The Price is Right.”)

“But when I look at their stats, they only outrebounded the teams they’ve played like twice. That concerns me. And I don’t know if they can keep shooting threes like that. That’s my only critique. It’s not a criticism, it’s a critique.”

So is the Knicks toughest critic finally coming around? Well, in usual Charles Barkley fashion, he ended talking about how he thinks the Knicks aren’t rabbits anymore, but Playboy bunnies.

Everybody in New York thinks the Knicks are Playboy bunnies, and I have been telling them for years the Knicks are a rabbit,” he said. “They’re closer to a Playboy bunny this year but for the last few years these guys are like, ‘We have a really good team!’ And I say, ‘You really think that?’ And I say, ‘No, they don’t.’ But this is the best team they’ve had in a while.”



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