Charles Woodson says Tom Brady owes him everything he has

  • Jason Whitney

Even though it was over a decade ago, Charles Woodson still can’t get over the “Tuck Rule” game that helped Tom Brady catapault into superstardom. Since Tom Brady first won a super bowl in 2001, his life has been one of success, riches, and everything he could ever ask for. A lot of fans wonder how his life may have been different had he not been saved by the Tuck Rule in 2001.

Charles Woodson is one of those people.

The infamous “Tuck Rule” game in the 2001-2002 AFC playoffs is one of the most controversial and talked about games in NFL history even more than a decade later. Now, with Tom Brady being on the cusp of his sixth appearance in the Super Bowl, the controversy of the day has once again reared its head. Charles Woodson, the man who forced the fumble/incomplete pass/what have you, is speaking out yet again and saying that he STILL believes it to be a fumble and he still seems bitter about it.


It’s a question that will probably never be fully answered. It’s been hotly debated for years and probably will continue to be. But I think we all wonder where Tom Brady would be had the Raiders recovered that fumble and not had it overturned. Would he still be a multiple-time Super Bowl champion? Would we still be having debates over Brady vs Peyton and who’s truly the best quarterback of this generation and possibly of all time?

One thing is for sure, Charles Woodson sure thinks that Tom Brady owes him a BIG thank you.



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