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Charlie Villanueva Cut by Dominican Republic National Team by Coach Cal for Being Overweight

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When the Detroit Pistons signed Charlie Villanueva, it was immediately seen as one of the worst signings in NBA history, and it hasn’t disappointed. Villanueva has taken his disappointment to the international level in a BIG way, literally. Villanueva has been cut by the Dominican Republic’s National Team by its head coach, and coach of the Kentucky Wildcats, John Calipari.

Villanueva didn’t hesitate to fire shots back at coach Calipari via a Twitpic showing him standing on a scale that reads 243.5., not even counting that nice rock in his hand Villanueva’s playing weight is listed at 255. The CV’s Connecticut championship ring from 2004 in the shot is probably to prove it’s really his body on the scale.

But coach Calipari insists that Charlie was overweight.

“Charlie was not in good form when we saw him,” Calipari told Deportes en la Z. “He was overweight, and unfortunately, we could not slow down the entire team and it was a decision taken collectively. Last year, Charlie behaved really well with us and his only problem was his weight.”

This claim by Calipari doesn’t seem too far-fetched as Villanueva did battle injuries throughout much of the shortened NBA season.

Looks like it’s time for Chuck to hit the gym and get back into playing shape before next NBA season.

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