Charlotte Bobcats president Rod Higgins waives son

Rod Higgins released his son, Cory Higgins yesterday

Christmas dinner may be a little awkward and uncomfortable at the Higgins household this year. President of basketball operations, Rod Higgins released his son, Cory Higgins after a face to face meeting with the third string point guard. If this originally was a case of nepotism, it’s clearly not anymore as the Bobcats have decided to go a different direction and sign a player that can help their front-court.

Via Mark J. Spears of Yahoo Sports:

“When you make a decision like that to sign your son, you know a day like this could always happen,” Rod Higgins told Yahoo! Sports. “The player realizes the same thing. The personal aspect is the personal aspect. But when you take the next step and realize it’s a business, you always know this could happen.”

“It’s part of the business,” Rod Higgins said. “The human factor? The conversation is probably more in-depth with Cory than another player. That is just human nature because of our connection.”

Cory Higgins averaged 16 points, 3 rebounds and 3 assists per game as a senior at Colorado during the 2010-11 season. However, he went undrafted and signed with the Denver Nuggets for two weeks before being waived in December, 2011. Two days later, the Bobcats picked him up off waivers on the first game day of the 2011-12 lockout-shortened season.

Rod Higgins then had the tough task of explaining to his wife and Cory’s mother, that he had just cut their son.

“She took it like there is going to be something better down the road for him,” said Rod Higgins, whose own playing career included 13 NBA seasons, as well as stops in the CBA and Greece. “She has been with me for quite some time. She saw my career up close and personal. She knows how this stuff works.”

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