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Charlotte Bobcats Selling Season Tickets for $43

  • Jason Whitney

This can’t be a good sign for the Bobcats brass. The marketing department must be filled with interns because they are going to be practically giving away season tickets if the team wins the NBA draft lottery.

According to the Charlotte Observer:

“The team started advertising a promotion Wednesday where the price for an upper-deck seat will equal the draft pick the team wins in the lottery later this month. Should the NBA-worst Bobcats get the top pick, the season ticket would be $1 per game, or $43 for the season.

It’s meant to drum up interest in the potentially lucrative draft position and ease the traditional May ticket sales lull. The Bobcats are guaranteed one of the top four picks after their dismal season, with a 25 percent chance of winning the right to draft consensus No. 1 Anthony Davis. Even if the team falls to No. 4, the seats are $4 per game, or $172 for the season.

About 500 seats are eligible for the ‘Pay the Pick’ promotion, which runs through the draft lottery on May 30. Each person can buy up to four seats.”

According to the team’s website, the cheapest traditional season ticket package runs $344. The NBA’s second-worst team this season, the Washington Wizards, are advertising season ticket plans that start at $399.”

Paging Michael Jordan, is this the reason you have a lien on your house? Maybe it’s time to quit the NBA owner thing.

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