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Chauncey Billups buys 30 Wendy’s franchises

  • Jim Racalto

(Credit: Sports Illustrated)

At 37, former NBA stud Chauncey Billups’ career is nearing its end. He will play for the Detroit Pistons this season, but Mr. Big Shot will be riding off into the sunset soon. Given that many athletes make poor money management decisions and are rarely prepared to generate income after they retire, Billups has teamed up with former NBA player Junior Bridgeman to purchase 30 Wendy’s restaurants

Bridgeman is currently the second leading Wendy’s franchise owner, with 196 restaurants under his belt. His experience in the industry will be invaluable to Billups’ after basketball investment. The two will assist Wendy’s as the chain looks to re-brand itself, with new logos, marketing, promotion, etc.

I have to say that although this might not be the most glamorous business venture we’ve seen from former high-profile ballers, it looks like a safe one. Kudos to Billups, now he won’t end up on the next 30 for 30 about professional athletes that found a way to squander millions and end up broke.



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