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Chip Kelly takes subtle jab at DeSean Jackson

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There are questions surrounding the Philadelphia Eagles in regards to how they plan to replace wide receiver DeSean Jackson, who was released then subsequently signed by division rival Washington Redskins.

Head coach Chip Kelly pulled no punches when answering those questions:

“I think most people played us in single high (safety) coverage and they played man across the board on anybody and no one was getting any help,” Kelly said Tuesday, per “Riley was getting man (coverage) on his side. DeSean was getting man on his side. Jason Avant was getting man in the slot. Zach Ertz, whoever our tight end was, was getting manned. Running back was getting manned.”

“No one is going to play us in two (safeties) deep because if you play us in two deep, we can run the heck out of the ball. We had everybody as close to the line of scrimmage as possible and nobody was helping anybody. They were trying to stop the run game.”

For the uninitiated, basically Kelly is saying that Jackson didn’t draw double-teams, but he did create optimal conditions for the passing game being able to win one-on-one matchups. Either way, Kelly believes Jackson is replaceable because of how defenses play them. We’ll see if this proclamation rings true come September.

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