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Christian rapper Lecrae a source of inspiration for athletes

  • Jim Racalto

Who can forget “Linsanity” last NBA season, when Jeremy Lin took the league by storm as a member of the New York Knicks. Who can forget “Tebowmania” last NFL season , when Tim Tebow took over as the starter for the Denver Broncos and led them to the divisional round of the playoffs.

What do Lin and Tebow have in common? Not only are both devout Christians, but also list Christian rapper Lecrae as a source of inspiration. Aside from those two, many other athletes and teams have enlisted Lecrae not only for inspiration, but for chapel and prayer services before games.

I am a huge Lecrae fan myself, and I love seeing guys turn away from the mainstream garbage we call rap today and embrace an artist like Lecrae. When people hear “Christian rap”, they are sometimes automatically turned off because most Christian music is sappy and preachy. Well, Lecrae takes a different approach and people are taking notice. Lecrae has responded tremendously to this outpouring of support from pro athletes and has answered the bell, saying:

“I tend not to call it Christian hip-hop because I think it would be limited to being only for Christians. I think it’s responsible hip-hop. I think it paints a broad picture of life, and it doesn’t just limit life to just kind of instinctual pleasure, power pleasure and possession. You see [the 30 for 30″documentary] ‘Broke’ and see all these guys who are losing funds. It’s a reality that’s happened for them, but there’s a lot of baggage that comes with that. And guys are looking for answers and are looking for wisdom in a lot of areas that a lot of people aren’t giving to them. And so that’s one of the things that I look to do. When I get an opportunity, I try to do chapel services for some of the pro players, just to try to give them reality.”

Jeremy Lin in particular sought advice from Lecrae while he was trying to adjust to his overnight fame. Lecrae was able to provide Lin with excellent insight:

“What Jeremy talked to me about was just the reality of everyone kind of pulling at him, and a lot of people expecting him to make decisions that would please them. He’s kind of a reserved kid, a reserved young man, and it’s not really his demeanor to be all in the mix like that, and to be pulled every which way.”

Members of the Arizona Cardinals presented Lecrae with a jersey after a Phoenix concert

Members of the Arizona Cardinals presented Lecrae with a jersey after a Phoenix concert

Aside from Lin and Tebow, Lecrae also says he is close with golfer Bubba Watson and also got a chance to hang with members of the Arizona Cardinals after they attended a concert during his “Unashamed Tour 2012: Come Alive” in Phoenix.

Lecrae’s new album “Gravity” debuted at #1 on the Christian charts as well as on ITunes. He owned the secular rap charts for two weeks following the release of the album, and this confirms that his music is not only for non-Christians.I can personally attest to how inspiring and uplifting Lecrae’s music is. He paints realistic portraits of life that many can relate to, so I can definitely see why guys in the spotlight have latched on to his music and message. I hope this is a movement towards a new direction in society, where the nonsense we call mainstream rap takes a backseat to responsible hip-hop.





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