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Clemson Basketball Coach, Brad Brownell, Offers Harsh Honesty

  • Ryan Kantor

In his season wrap-up interview, Clemson head basketball coach, Brad Brownell, dropped some brutal (and needed) criticism on his players, while also shouldering his fair share of the blame for an ugly 13-18 season. Clemson’s 13 wins were three less wins than last year and nine less than 2010. His quotes are gold (That’s gold, Jerry! Gold!), so much so that you don’t have to be a Clemson fan or even an ACC basketball fan to have some appreciation.

Credit: Orange and White

Credit: Orange and White

Regarding feeling down and depressed about Clemson’s losing season:

…But I’ve felt this way for six weeks now. The problem is I’m the guy who’s felt this way the most. My players need to start feeling that way and they’re going to start hearing that when they come back from Spring Break.

When asked if improvement needs to be made mentally as much as physically:

There’s a lot a physical things that need to change. There’s a lot of players on our team that need to get better. They have to become as committed to the game as necessary to be successful.

Regarding the team only taking five charges on the entire season:

Lack of toughness… Book (Devin Booker) was a hard guy. I couldn’t get Book to take a charge, just wasn’t in his make up, and to be honest I needed him to do that some, because you got to have ways to protect the basket.

On the depth of the roster, he openly and honestly admits he had trouble coaching the most disappointing senior class in recent memory:

Some guys got to play more minutes than they should play, or they got to stay out there when they were making mistakes because there weren’t enough guys. Because Milton and Devin were clearly better than our younger post players they probably got to play through some things where if there was another guy that had been older and was very productive, you could take one of them out, like a Bobo (Catalin Baciu). There were times they felt like they were better, and it was harder for me to coach them the way they need to be coached all the time, which sometimes is to take them out.

Clemson fans are surely reassured by a coach that can drop truth bombs, especially when they come at the expense of the senior class that was not well liked by many fans. Five star recruit now senior, Milton Jennings was arrested mid-season on drug charges and Devin Booker had a reputation for not being passionate.

The full interview can be viewed here. For more on Brownell and more from Ryan Kantor jump over here.

Ryan Kantor is a new contributor to He is a life-long Yankees fan and a proud Clemson alumnus, residing in North Carolina, where he works in marketing research. For more stories like this, you can visit his personal blog at and follow him on Twitter at@Ryan_Kantor.

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