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Clippers to go after LeBron James AND Carmelo Anthony

  • Jason Whitney

Could LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony be playing for the Clippers next year?

The Los Angeles Clippers potentially could own the basketball world for the next several seasons if they could pull off acquiring Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James. In order to obtain both prized free agents, the team would have to shed a few contracts, but sources say the Clips have a strong interest in bringing both players to Los Angeles.

To pull this off however, the Clippers would have to find a suitor(s) to take on center DeAndre Jordan (one year, $11.4 million), Jared Dudley (three years, $12.1 million), Matt Barnes (three years, $10.1 million), Jamal Crawford (three years, $16.3 million) or J.J. Redick (four years, $27.7 million) in order to clear the necessary cap room.


The Los Angeles Clippers have strong interest in pursuing LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony if they can clear the requisite salary cap space to make a maximum-level offer to the superstars, who have both elected to become free agents starting July 1.

The Clippers’ discussions about making a run at James or Anthony have been internal thus far; however, sources said the team has engaged in trade discussions this spring with the Orlando Magic regarding shooting guard Arron Afflalo. Those conversations were initially rebuffed by the Magic, who didn’t like the package of assets the Clippers could offer, sources said. However, there was some sense the clubs could revisit those talks later if they morphed into a three-team discussion.

It seems nearly impossible for the Clippers to bring in Anthony and James and still keep Chris Paul and Blake Griffin. Doc Rivers has already said Blake Griffin is untouchable, so realistically bringing in both stars might be far-fetched. However, if the Clippers could clear enough room for LeBron or Anthony, the team might be playing deep into June next season.

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