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College Game of the Week Cheerleader Preview: Week 4

  • Jim Racalto

It’s kind of a down week in the college football world. Sure you’ve got Kansas State at Oklahoma and Michigan against Notre Dame, but I’m not really enamored with either of those games. For me, the best game is Clemson v. Florida State. Which is why I picked it for the College Game of the Week Cheerleader Preview. Not only is it the best game on the schedule, but it DEFINITELY has the best cheerleaders.

I think we all know about Florida State’s sideline talent, and Golden Girls like Caitie and Lauren are continuing the tradition. But don’t sleep on on Clemson. The girls in orange can absolutely bring the sexiness. I mean, Jaimie alone should be enough to prove to you that Clemson has the hotties to run with the Seminoles. It doesn’t hurt that the color is a natural aphrodisiac (OK, I may have made that up). The sidelines are going to be absolutely packed with more hotness than a typical college football stadium can handle.

So who is my pick for the game? I’m going with Clemson. Sure they set us up every year just to take a huge fall, but I still think they pull this one out. Don’t worry, though, they’ll gack it up against Georgia Tech in a couple of weeks.



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