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Popular WWE Superstar Being Severly Punished For Backstage Incident. 74

Guess who’s in The WWE doghouse!

While many believed her to be the female version of John Cena at one time or another, she is now on WWE’s you know what list and probably will be for quite some time. Her latest incident, which apparently involves her saying something backstage to someone, is the latest in a long line of incidents that have completely obliterated any chance she has of getting on WWE’s good side anytime soon.


According to” Lana recently said something that has garnered a lot of negative attention behind-the-scenes. Meltzer noted that it “was probably nothing, except everyone is talking about it.” Although i understand that this is the nature of the business and no amount of whining from myself or other concerned fans will change that, i still believe that WWE went too far this time with their punishment of Lana.

The incident occurred on Monday Night Raw, when The Rock was talking to Lana backstage. Lana played coy and incident throughout her interactions with The Great One, but it was heavily implied throughout the segment that Lana was little more then a slut and even cheated on Rusev at one time. In fact,

In fact, The Rock went so far as to say that Lana came to The Rock’s hotel room at one time and performed several sexual acts with The Brama Bull. The situation was made even worse when Lana told The Rock that her and Rusev were engaged to be married and The Rock responded by telling Rusev taht Lana was very flexible in bed.


While The Rock  really shouldn’t be blamed for the segment, especially since he probably just came in and did what he was told, WWE should face a lot of blame for punishing Lana in this disgusting and ultimately despicable manner. Sure, some might say she volunteered to do it to get back on WWE’s good side, but i seriously doubt she really had a legitimate choice in the matter. I also doubt this was little more then WWE’s way of saying your in the doghouse and will do whatever we say.


With that being said, i really hope that WWE can rise above slut humor in the future and keep it professional with superstars they aren’t seeing eye to with at the time. If not, then fans in The WWE Universe should really consider changing the channel and not watching such a petty display of outright vindictiveness on WWE’s part.


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