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According to an article published by, WWE will be banning World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins’ finishing maneuver, the curb stomp.

The article states that WWE feels that the curb stomp is too much of a direct liability to wrestlers and causes too much of a risk to head injury. WWE has been under scrutiny for their concussion protocol over the years and the company reportedly feels that the risk outweighs the reward too much for the move.

WWE reportedly doesn’t want its top star to be doing that move every night and they also don’t want to be showing it in past clips or videos anymore. If you recall, last week on RAW, instead of using Rollins normal entrance video, WWE just used a graphic with his name.

No word yet on what Rollins will start using as a finisher but be sure to check back with Ring Kings and we’ll update you as more information becomes available.


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