Company guarantees Michael Vick will not get hurt this season

Unequal Technologies is the company that Michael Vick signed his first endorsement deal with upon his reinstatement to the league.

It’s also the company that will be supplying Vick with a state-of-the-art “EXO Skeleton” compression shirt that has built-in Rib protectors. The company’s CEO Rob Vito says the material used is a military-grade, battle-tested composite material that has DuPont Kevlar to protect athletes from on-field injuries.

Sounds like something Vick may need after taking just twelve snaps this preseason, yet undergoing two medical evaluations for Thumb and Rib injuries.

The compression shirt is an interesting idea, can it really protect Vick though?

The company’s CEO says he guarantees it.

“I guarantee he will not get hurt,” Vito told on Wednesday.

The inventors of the Titanic guaranteed their ship would not sink, either. Maybe it’s not such a good idea to make such bold announcements. If Vick does end up getting hurt, Vito and his company may be under some scrutiny. If he doesn’t get hurt, they may look like geniuses.

We’ll see what happens!


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