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Could Darrelle Revis be a Patriot?

  • Joe Ray
(Credit: Daily News Photo Illustration; Getty, AP Photos)

(Credit: Daily News Photo Illustration; Getty, AP Photos)

With Darrelle Revis entering his contract year in 2013, the New York Jets are faced with the very real possibility of losing their star cornerback after next season. Trade rumors have been floating around “Revis Island”, most notably the idea of the cornerback going to San Francisco, a team that has 15 draft picks a year after making the Super Bowl.

But imagine this nightmare scenario: should the Jets not deal Revis, and let him walk into free agency absent a new deal, could he sign with the arch-rival New England Patriots? Gary Myers of the New York Daily News explored that exact possibility. A source told Myers Thursday, “It’s not that far-fetched…It would not shock me if he’s in a Patriots uniform next year.”

While Revis would command an enormous salary on the open market, the cap space the Patriots opened by renegotiating Tom Brady’s contract opens the window for a big time free-agent signing. Here’s Myers’ take on the scenario:

If Revis is forced to play for his $6 million base salary this season in the final year of his four-year, $46 million contract, he just might be inclined to stick it to the Jets by signing with New England — providing, of course, that Robert Kraft’s money is right.

In order to avoid this nightmare from playing out, the Jets have to do one of two things. Either they suck it up and pay Revis what he is due, or they ship him as far away from the Meadowlands as they possibly can. San Francisco and Denver are two teams who are looking for that last piece to build a Super Bowl-winning team.

New England is also in that same category as the Broncos and 49ers. The offense should continue to be as efficient as ever with Brady at the helm, and the load of draft picks the Patriots have spent in the defensive front seven will yield some great players sooner rather than later. The secondary has been the Patriots’ greatest weakness for years. Add Revis to that defense and that weakness becomes a strength.

Consider this other point from Myers about Revis’ mentor, Ty Law:

Belichick has not had an elite corner since Ty Law, who has been Revis’ mentor. They are both from Aliquippa, Pa. Law also wore No. 24 and he and Revis were briefly teammates with the Jets in 2008. Belichick, one of the best defensive coaches of this generation, has been unable to fix New England’s pass defense the last few years. In 2009, the Patriots were ranked a respectable 12th in passing yards allowed. In the last three seasons, they have been 30th, 31st and 29th. That would not happen with Revis.

To add to that, the Patriots cut Law in 2005 due to salary cap concerns. Guess what team he signed with? Yes, he jumped from New England to the Jets. It’s easy to imagine Belichick jumping at the opportunity to return the favor to the Jets by taking their premier cornerback in free agency.

The clock is ticking on Woody Johnson, John Idzik, and the rest of Jets management. Make a move with Revis, or give him the right to play for an archrival.

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