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Could this be the end of Reggie Bush in a Dolphins uniform?

  • Jason Whitney

Could this be the last season Reggie Bush is playing for the Dolphins?

The Miami Dolphins are in the midst of a run that they are hoping ends in a playoff berth this year, but once this push for the playoffs is finished and the season is said and done with, the franchise has a massive decision to make. The man that has arguably been the face of the team for the last two years, RB Reggie Bush, will be a free agent.

Bush is making $4.5M in this, the final year of the two-year deal that he signed with the Dolphins two years ago. He’ll be 28 years old at the outset of next season, which arguably makes him over the hill for a running back. Bush though, has really proven to be one of the best players that the team has, and he has shown the durability to run the ball a ton if needed.

The former USC Trojan has rushed for 1,812 yards and 11 scores in 27 games with the Fins, and he has added 67 receptions for 475 yards and a score as a receiver as well. Prorate that over a 16-game season, and Bush has had 1,355 all-purpose yards per year. Those aren’t the numbers of a back that can expect to get paid huge lump sums of money at the end of this year, and if Bush thinks that he is going to make more than perhaps $6M or $7M, he is probably out of his mind.

The truth of the matter is that the New Orleans Saints let him go for a reason without getting all that much in return. Bush is an explosive player, yes, but there are so many like him in college right now that can change a game in the blink of an eye. Bush is to the Dolphins what RB CJ Spiller is to the Buffalo Bills. Though Buffalo loves having Spiller on its team, it knows that he isn’t worth much more than the approximately $4.5M that he is making this year, a number comparable to that of Bush.

Are the Dolphins smart to make their NFL picks for their 2013 salary cap on Bush? It’s a decision that they are going to have to make in the next few months, and it is one that will help shape the franchise for years to come – for better or worse.

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