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Cowboys cleared of any wrongdoing regarding Romo’s injury reports

  • Jim Racalto


Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys are breathing a collective sigh of relief today, as no violations were found with the controversial way they handled a Tony Romo back injury last season.

In week 16, Romo suffered a back injury that ultimately required him to have surgery, after which Romo and owner Jerry Jones suggested he had a prior back injury. The problem? The previous injury wasn’t reported anywhere.

The league has handed out several fines over the years to teams that failed to disclose player injuries on weekly reports, so it’s unclear as to how the Cowboys got off the hook. Notably, Brett Favre was fined a few years ago when he played with an unknown biceps injury while a member of the New York Jets.

Whether or not the Cowboys purposely hid Romo’s pre-existing injury is unknown, but the league is once again showing its inconsistency with how they handle issues. Every team should be treated exactly the same for similar violations. I imagine there will be quite the backlash if the league continues to contradict itself regarding equal discipline for all.


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