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Cowboys tried to draft players who won’t “pee their pants.”

  • Jim Racalto


The Dallas Cowboys took a fairly simplified approach when deciding who to draft last weekend. Assistant director of player personnel, Will Clay, used quite the hilarious term to describe the type of guys they wanted to bring in.

“Who will most likely be able to come into a situation like the Dallas Cowboys and the microscope that we’re under with all the games we play on national TV, and not, pardon the expression, pee their pants? We want grown men that are able to handle the situation.”

It seems like every time a Cowboys official speaks publicly, he’s semi-delusional regarding the team’s importance. Rookies have been waiting their whole lives to get to the NFL, and if they have the makeup to handle it, they will. Regardless if they’re playing for the Cowboys or the Jaguars.

The Cowboys did have a solid draft, however, and were able to fill several needs, including on the offensive line and at outside linebacker. It remains to be seen if any of these guys will help the Cowboys and Tony Romo break their string of mediocrity and finally get to the playoffs.


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